Why Facebook Campaigns Matter

Facebook has been considered as a convenient marketing tool ever since it became mainstream. Millions of people around the world gaining access to the Internet has catapulted Facebook as an indispensable branch of marketing.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

At present, digital marketers regard maintaining Facebook presence for their products or services as a vital means to stay relevant to their customers. Here are the reasons why:

It builds credible numbers.

Numbers are really important to any business. In the language of social media and Facebook, these numbers would mean high page rank and this is where Google counts. Facebook is one of the highest ranking pages in any search engine. Try searching for any name and most probably you will see a Facebook result on the 1st page. Would you not want your company name to appear there via Facebook as well?

It’s a platform for dialogue.

This is a perfect opportunity to interact with your audience, on a professional yet “friendly” approach. Here, your consumers will feel valued by getting involved with your company. It is through e-customer service that customer relationships are nurtured.

Facebook is where a conversation between you and your customers take place. Conversation attracts people to get involved in an engaging idea or topic and lets you have deeper insight on what interests your market. Facebook also gives your market that assurance that you are always available to answer their queries and fix their issue.

Your target customers are there.

With 33.6 Million Filipinos on the Internet and 29.9 Million of those are Facebook users, marketers have seen the high potential of getting their products exposed to their respective targeted audience. Being visible to this huge percentage of population is an automatic win.

It is a 2-way mirror.

Between you and your market – Transparency is important for a company’s reputation. Most consumers nowadays check and research for a particular product or service before they purchase anything. Facebook lets your target market express their positive feedback which boosts your credibility; likewise it also lets them put comments which serve as a door for quick turnover and improvement on your end.

Between you and your competitors – Your competitors are on Facebook. Need proof? Type your niche + Facebook in Google and you will definitely see one there. Facebook sets a common platform for social media; therefore you need to be as visible as your competitors are.

Between you and your circle – Your circle encompasses the people surrounding your company whom you interact with. Being transparent to key people and key groups that influence your niche even widens your horizon. Interact with the friends of your consumers, as well as your markets’ groups in order to further build your online credibility.

It is a jump off point for simultaneous word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing. It does not just build your reputation; it also establishes long term loyalty of consumers once they make a positive testimony about your products or services which they really enjoyed in the first place. And, what better sharing method is there than Facebook, which conveniently integrates various form of communication via likes, comments, and shares?

Facebook as a social media platform has indeed a lot in store for businesses across the globe. Because of it’s infinite marketing reach, running a Facebook marketing campaign has now become a necessity and not just an option.

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