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About us

Get Hooked 360, Inc. is a results driven digital marketing agency in the Philippines whose expertise is in creating digital campaigns that are strategic, effective, smart and business goal oriented.

About Us

Who We Are

Get Hooked 360 is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Creating relevant and measurable digital marketing campaigns since 2007, Get Hooked 360 is backed by people with extensive experience in corporate marketing, creative servicing and technical expertise.

A marketing one-stop-shop, the agency is an affiliate of LEAP Solutions, an integrated marketing communications company that manages strategic activations for both local and multinational brands around the world.

Why Choose Us

Digital campaigns that are smartly designed to expose the brand to its target market and be shared to friends, family and the general public (digital word of mouth) for maximum exposure is essentially what we do.

Our strength lies in years of experience in corporate marketing and information technology honing our skills to understand your brand and business objectives and choose the right messaging, tools, and channel to strengthen your digital presence and get to your target market.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Get Hooked 360, Inc, a full service digital marketing agency, offers end-to-end digital marketing tools and solutions to suit your needs. Strategy, creatives, media and technology are developed in-house allowing us to offer our servicing better flexibility, competitiveness and customization.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Marketing
  • Content Production
  • Online Advertising Placement
  • Digital Direct Marketing
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Content Production
  • Web & Mobile Apps Development
  • Loyalty Monitoring
  • On-ground Integration


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Full Digital Marketing Campaign

Full Digital Marketing Campaign Planning

All brands benefit from a strong digital marketing campaign, no matter how big or small.

In this age of high-speed internet and high-performing devices, it can be said that the current technology has levelled the playing field between business giants and smaller companies. With the right strategies, communication, and technology, any brand can leverage on digital and stay ahead of the competition.

And what does it take to stay ahead? A great looking website? A highly-engaged Facebook community? A viral online campaign? The answer depends, really, on your brand and its goals. Some digital solutions work wonders for some brands, but it can deliver lukewarm results for others.

Let Get Hooked 360 help you plan a winning digital marketing campaign that will make your brand go from good to great.

It pays to plan ahead, and the same holds true for digital. We’ll work with you to determine the right mix to meet your brand’s targets and objectives. A well-designed and hardworking website? Check. Highly engaging content for your online community? Check. Strategic ad placements? Check. All these tied to a strong and strategic campaign designed to give you the most for your digital marketing investment.

Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you with the right roadmap to success in the digital space.

Let’s make a winning digital campaign today!

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing isn’t just a temporary fad—it’s a powerful tool that has become a must-have for every business.

Because social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter seemingly popped up quickly out of nowhere, they have been dismissed by some as a passing marketing interest. However, with customers’ lifestyles becoming more and more digital, brands have recognized the power of social media marketing to help improve their business.

So just how can Social Media Marketing help your business?

  • Improve brand recognition. Through social media networks, your brand has a channel for its voice and content. This makes you more accessible and recognizable for new and existing customers.
  • Greater opportunities for conversion. Each post you make is a chance to convert a customer. Every positive interaction a follower makes on an image, video, or comment increases the chances of eventual conversion.
  • Boost brand loyalty. When you’re connected with your audience on social media channels and engage with them regularly, your brand enjoys higher loyalty from these customers.
  • Increase brand authority. On social media, every single follower is an ambassador or spokesperson for your brand. The more you engage with your followers, the more people talk about your brand, making you appear more valuable and authoritative to new users.
  • Better customer insights. Which product post got the most number of comments? What is the most common sentiment on the page? Through social listening, you can gain valuable information on what your customers want and how they behave. With these insights, you can tweak your strategies to further improve your business.

Let Get Hooked 360 help you create a winning Social Media Marketing Campaign for your brand.

Chances are, your competitors are already online, so why wait? Work with us to create an effective Social Media Marketing campaign for your business. We’ll help you, not just to be present in social media and grow your audience, but to build relationships with them through creative content executions that prompt conversations and apply consistent and reliable 2-way communication with them.

Jumpstart your Social Media Marketing campaign with us today! Leave us a message below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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SMS and Mobile Campaign development

SMS and Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Wondering if you should start doing SMS and mobile marketing? You should.

Why go mobile?

With over 105 Million mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines, any business thinking of engaging with their customers effectively and efficiently should be strategically looking into mobile campaigns.

Running a mobile marketing campaign will most certainly help your brand connect with your customers anywhere – no matter what social class they are in.

Thinking of delving into mobile? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Diverse tools. Going mobile is not a one product fits all type of campaign kind. There are various mobile marketing tools that fit every budget, audience and campaign type. The right kind of mobile solution will be able to address your digital needs.
  • Quality. A good portion of a successful SMS or Mobile Campaign depends on well thought of quality mobile applications that work well according to how it was designed and provide great and flawless user experience. Not everyone who can develop an application can provide you this.
  • Security. Data collected from your mobile marketing campaign are treasures that should be kept well and under tight security. Database security is a top priority.
  • Engaging. Any campaign launched would only be successful if the right audience responds to it.

Let Get Hooked 360 work on your SMS or Mobile Marketing Campaign and get the best kind of mobile servicing available today.

We do:

  • SMS Application – While Smartphones are on the rise, we know that there’s a significant number of feature phone users who make up a good portion of a brand’s target market. Thinking of running an SMS-based promo or an SMS-based loyalty campaign? We can definitely work with you on this.
  • Mobile Application – Looking for a unique way to engage with your customers? Let’s build your brand a mobile app that will help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s giving your customers an enjoyable brand experience or creating brand loyalty, we can build you a hard-working mobile application that will give you just what you need.
  • Mobile Site Development – Today’s customers are always on the go. Give your target market the best browsing experience with your mobile website. A great user experience with your brand makes a whole lot of difference.
  • Mobile Commerce – Increase your sales by opening up to mobile commerce solutions. Drive purchase regardless of where your customer physically is.
  • Mobile Advertising – Go mobile even with your advertising. We develop different format executions, work on strategic audience targeting and sharp budget optimization to help you make the most of your mobile advertising campaigns.
  • Creative Mobile Executions – Looking for a unique mobile execution to drive traffic to your online or physical store? We have a couple of special executions up our sleeves  😉
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Community Building

Online Community Building

The statistics only confirm what we already know—your audience is online. That means you have to be, too.

There’s no better way to engage your customers than by building an online community around your brand. By building an online community, you identify, reach out to, and essentially build a relationship with your web-focused audience. An online community is not just a nice-to-have. Adding community building to your digital marketing mix can help you meet your marketing goals by attracting the right customers with a lower customer acquisition cost, which all goes toward building a better business.

Let Get Hooked 360 help you build your brand’s online community.

Work with us and we’ll help you create a truly engaged community around your brand. We’ll work with you to find and attract the right audience, and plan a consistent message and brand across popular online social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other relevant social networks to your brand. We’ll craft content that will engage your fans in real conversations, ultimately cultivating a community of people who feel strongly and will speak for your brand.

And most of all, we consistently respond to your community which effectively extends your online community building initiatives into an efficient online hotline for your customers.

Build a vibrant, sustainable online community today!

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Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management

Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management Programs (CRM)

Once you’ve had their business, are you doing anything to keep them coming back?

Customer Relationship and Loyalty building programs (CRM) have a simple philosophy behind them: repeat customers are rewarded for their continued patronage, which in turn increases sales. It’s a fairly simple strategy, but powerful nonetheless. Whether you’re looking to boost sales or jumpstart sluggish profits, an effective loyalty program is a great solution.

Why go for Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management?

The great thing about loyalty and relationship building programs is that it’s not exclusive to big brands. Even small businesses can take advantage of a well-designed program to reach new heights. It’s also a great way for these small businesses to showcase their personal side and stay competitive in spaces dominated by the bigger players.

Let Get Hooked 360 help you build a strong Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management Program that easily identifies who your existing and potential customers are and keeps them coming back to you.

With the help of digital, customer relationship and loyalty programs do not have to be costly. Through the many digital solutions we have today, your brand can have a cost-effective loyalty program in place that can be just as effective as those put in place by the bigger brands. Whether it’s through a simple points system or tier system, we’ll help you set up an effective loyalty program that not only lets you show your appreciation for your current customers but also motivates them to continue being your brand ambassadors.

Whether it’s Customer Profiling, Sales and Loyalty Monitoring or Rewards Fulfilment; keep your customers coming back with a strong Customer Relationship and Loyalty Program today!

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Digital Customer Service

Digital Customer Service

Digital is changing traditional customer service models. Is your brand able to keep up with their expectations?

Today, consumers’ lifestyles are becoming increasingly digital. Traditionally, online customer experience was limited to the place and time when the customer had access to a PC. Now that more consumers are never too far from a mobile device, they are able to access customer service online at any given time or place.

Your customer’s expectations of how you engage with them are changing. In order to win and retain your customer’s loyalty, it is important that brands recognize these dynamics and adapt to become more flexible and responsive to their needs. Is your brand ready to support your customers’ concept of ‘anytime, anywhere’?

Let Get Hooked 360 help you win and retain customers with excellent Digital Customer Service.

We understand that a good customer experience is critical for your business to stay competitive. Putting ourselves in the shoes of your customers, we’ll help you design and deliver interactions online with minimal customer effort and maximum customer value.

Multi-channel touchpoints can complicate a customer’s experience with your brand and your ability to address their needs. With Get Hooked 360’s Digital Customer Service solutions, your brand will be able to address your customers’ ever-changing needs consistently across multiple channels. So when customers ask you a question online, they will get a quick, professional response each and every time.

Talk to you customers online. Talk to us today!

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Online Advertising

Online Advertising Placements

Advertising on-ground is good. Advertising online is much better.

All businesses make use of advertising to get the word out on their products and services, and know how much impact it can have on sales. However, as the financial climate continues to change, more businesses are looking to cut down on expenses and focus their efforts elsewhere. Usually, it’s the advertising budget that takes the biggest blow.

With digital on the rise, the advertising game changes. Now it is not about cutting down your advertising budget, but rather how you spend your advertising budget. And online advertising is the perfect, most efficient and cost-effective solution to put your business out there.

There are plenty of reasons why should think digital when it comes to ad placement:

  • Cost-effective. The cost of placing ads online is considerably cheaper than, say, putting up a billboard or printing collaterals.
  • Reach the right audience. Placing an ad on a newspaper doesn’t guarantee that your intended customers see it. Online ads let you target the people who fit your customer profile, right down to their age, location, and even their interests.
  • Flexibility. Need to make quick changes to your ad? With online advertising, you’re in complete control of your ads with just one click.
  • Tracking capabilities. This is where digital clearly wins over traditional. Put up a billboard and you’ll only get a rough estimate of how many people see it. With digital, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and see which strategies are working or not.

Let Get Hooked 360 help you increase your brand’s visibility online with Online Ad Placements.

Online advertising can work wonders for any brand, no matter how big or small. Let us help you make the most of online advertising to promote your business on the internet. We’ll work with you to determine what type of ads work best to effectively communicate to your customers. From display advertising to social network advertising, to blog ads to mobile ads, we’ll work with your targets and budget to get the right mix.

If you want to start placing online ads effectively and more efficiently, talk to us today!

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was a big marketing trend back in 2016 and it’s still on the rise even today. If you have yet to tap into this aspect of digital marketing, it’s a good time to get started.

What is influencer marketing?

If you’re familiar with the principle of word of mouth marketing, influence marketing is a similar concept. Influencer marketing is the act of marketing your product or service to those who have power over what other people buy.

The people you tap for this are called influencers (sometimes called online influencers or social influencers). These influencers can be identified by factors such as their expertise in a certain product area or industry.

How online influencers can impact your business

Influencer marketing is also similar to getting a celebrity endorser, but in this case, you don’t necessarily have to get celebrities. Bloggers, Instagram personalities, and YouTube stars can be considered influencers.

These are just some ways these influencers can impact your brand:

  • They can write a blog post (or even a series of posts) about you or your product.
  • YouTube content creators can do video reviews of your product.
  • They can host giveaways or contests for their fans on your behalf.
  • They can feature you on their social media accounts.
  • They can cover your launches or events live on Twitter, or even on Instagram Live or Snapchat.
  • They can guest post on your website, or if they allow it, you can guest post on theirs.

Depending on your relationship or agreement the influencer, you can do any combination, or all of the above.

Why is influencer marketing important?

Personally, do you check online reviews of products and services before you make a purchase? A recent consumer survey report shows that that 84 percent of people trust online reviews, and that 74% say that seeing positive reviews make them trust a business.

If you can back your product with stellar endorsements or reviews from online influencers, people are more likely to actually purchase. In fact, online influencers who may not necessarily be celebrities are seen as more genuine and authentic. Also, they tend to have loyal followings within their fields.

By marketing to online influencers, brands can avoid the cynicism associated with traditional marketing and advertising method. With online influencer marketing, your bloggers or content creators can share their thoughts directly from their own profiles and accounts, which appears more genuine compared to traditional advertising. Therefore, it’s likely that your influencer’s audience will purchase your product.

Do I really need to use influencers?

Like any other marketing strategy, influencer marketing is not a quick fix. But when you get the right mix, it can be a very powerful tool. If you want a wider reach or if you want more people to take action, using influencers may be a good tactic to explore.

Are you looking into adding influencer marketing to your digital strategy? We’ll be happy to help you out! Send us a message here: Contact Us

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