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Customer Engagement 

Building a positive relationship with your consumers goes a long way in maintaining your brand’s visibility and relevance! With Get Hooked 360, we can help you provide delightful customer experiences to your target audience with precise, customer-friendly messaging. By doing so, you can make your customers’ social media experiences positive and fulfilling, and potentially generate new leads.

Understand Impressions

Make better business decisions for your brand when you know where it currently stands. We can help you track, address, and cover relevant sentiments your brand needs, so you can go beyond likes, comments, and shares and make a genuine impact.

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Make it Personal

Establish better ties and deepen current relationships with your brand via community-building initiatives. Our dedicated Community Managers who are aligned with your brand’s tone, values, and key messages can help your brand engage with its online community and make its presence felt.

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Connect When Needed

Be a constant, reliable presence for your consumers with factual, real-time responses during working hours. With our community management services, we can help you connect to your customers and answer important inquiries they may have.

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Strengthen Connections

Want to expand your brand through social media and build customer loyalty in the process? Use current data to your advantage. Let Get Hooked 360 help you identify pitfalls and pain points in your current business process through Sentiment Analysis and FAQ Development initiatives. 

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Inclusions & Top-ups

Here’s a closer look at Get Hooked 360’s Customer Engagement services.

Social Media Inquiry Management

  • Responding to questions and queries on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Standard online sentiment tracking
  • Structured escalation reports
  • Monthly reports featuring engagement traffic and sentiment analysis
  • Standard coverage schedule (Mondays to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • Dedicated Community Manager


  • Community Engagement
  • FAQ Creation and Development
  • Customized Coverage of additional social media platforms (YouTube, brand/company website, and brand/company email)
  • Customized Sentiment Tracking and Analysis
  • Customized Coverage Hours
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Escalation Process


Dealing with customers can seem daunting or even challenging at times, but with the right strategy and messages, you can ensure their needs are always met and your brand’s relevance is maintained.

With the help of Get Hooked 360, we can make sure your customer gets the friendly, engaging, and factual responses they need from your brand. Looking for reliable community and customer engagement services? Send us a message to get a quotation.