How to Make A Website Effective

How to Make Your Website Effective

Having a website isn’t enough anymore.

If your customers cannot find you, read what you have to say and get in touch with you, then you haven’t really taken advantage of having an online presence.

People online are generally described to be either looking to connect socially through popular social networking sites or looking for information on things that interest them. On both instances, your business can benefit from the behavior by having a strategic and engaging presence.

Being present takes more than actually just being there. There’s an art and science to it to make your online investment really work.

Already have your official website? How’s your website traffic? Here’s a quick look at what your website should be right now.

The Effective Website Checklist:

  • Optimized for search. Is your website coming out on top of the Search Results Page (SERP) when someone looks for information about you or anything that may be relevant to you? If you’re not ranked high up there, chances are, your website presence isn’t really present. 

The ideal scenario, your website has been optimized effectively enough to make it come out whenever someone looks for your brand or any attribute that relates to your brand. Organic website traffic makes your website investment worth it.

  • Responsive. People are online – anywhere and anytime, thanks to mobile gadgets and Internet connection that make it possible for people to be connected all the time.

A responsive website is no longer an option today but a necessity. With more and more people going online using their mobile phones and tablets, a responsive website that automatically adjusts the site to the device used makes way for a great user experience. Any good digital marketer knows that a positive touch point experience with your brand helps drive more conversions of site visitors to customers and this is a great way to start with your website.

  • Reachable. Sometimes, the most basic of all things are often overlooked. Having a great experience and gaining traffic to your site are priorities but ultimately, we want the visitors to become customers. Make sure to have in your site multiple contact methods that visitors can choose from and use to get in touch with you and communicate their thoughts (and make sure to have someone respond to these inquiries in a timely manner to take advantage of the lead!)