Facebook Marketing Tips for Better Engagement

Engagement is one unique and very special attribute of digital marketing. It literally encourages participation and interaction of consumers making this the more strategic, effective and cost efficient marketing approach available today.

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy will have social media as one of it’s components. Today, Facebook is considered as the the premier platform for social media communication because Facebook provides a convenient venue for people to easily share their thoughts and experiences to their network. Indeed, more and more people have openned up to incorporating Facebook as part of their daily routine that even the elderly and those who are not technically adept have learned to use and love it.

In a business persepective, leveraging on this strong feature of Facebook can get in the good word for your brand. However, having your brand’s official Facebook page is not enough. You’ll have to learn to engage your network to make the most out your Facebook marketing efforts.

Here are Facebook marketing tips for better engagement:

Be Human.

Tempting as it may be, using applications that schedule and post on Facebook for you actually comes off very robotic. The idea behind being present in a social network is to actually socialize with the people around. Who wants to talk to somebody who comes off too mechanical anyway?

Another point to consider here is to humanize the brand by actually posting ideas, tips and thoughts that would easily connect to the consumer. Inserting humor now and then is a greay way of starting interaction. It also decreases the selling pressure customers usually feel when interacting with businesses. This strategy encourages customers to be comfortable with your brand.

Use photos.

People today are very visual primarily because more appealing and easier to consume and share. Photos are larger and more colorful than plain text statuses. Catch the attention of your fans by posting images that are relevant to your brand and to your fans. Higher number of shares from images your post on your Facebook page gives you free milage for a digital word-of-mouth to their own network.

Run a contest or launch an application.

If Youtube becomes viral through videos, and if Twitter becomes viral through hashtags, retweets, and mentions, Facebook becomes viral through contests and apps!

Running a contest and creating a cool app in Facebook does not just engage your fans and customers, it also brings “fun” on your timeline. Contests are great come ons to fans and potential fans to be active in and out of your page. Apps on the other hand are great ways to encourage some activity and engagement with your community.

Get involved with a cause campaign.

Becoming active on Facebook with a social cause creates positive affinity with your brand especially with people who share the same “concern” as the cause you support. This pretty much can work like a contest but with the main attraction being donationation sent to proper beneficiaries.

Starting a cause campaign will actually encourage your customers to take part in helping others. This will also make them realize that you are not just in it for the sales, but also for giving back, which is a plus.

Show concern for your fans.

Customers always want to be valued. Once they experience such, a good relationship with your customer is made. When you make them feel your concern, it’s like letting them trust in the quality of your products and services.

One way of doing this is by encouraging satisfied customers to provide their valuable feedback to you. It could be through stories or even simple testimonies about their experience with yoru product or service. Make them feel that you are genuinely looking after their complete satisfaction.

Events are also great opportunities to express some thoughtfulness to your fans. Be creative when showing your love and concern for them. A random “Happy Mothers’ Day!” greeting in a photo already means a lot.

You can also show your concern by responding promptly, whenever someone makes a comment or sends a message, be sure to respond within a reasonable amount of time. If it’s a good feedback, thank them; if not, then apologize and offer to settle the issue through e-mail. Timeliness is the key.

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