Digital Marketing in 2013

After almost 80 years in print business, Newsweek marks their final transition to an online-only format with the last print issue of their magazine cover featuring the Twitter hashtag #lastprintissue, across the front page in red. This makes Newsweek the most widely read print media to turn fully digital to date.

Digital Marketing in 2013

Newsweek’s #lastprintissue is a clear indication that the digital landscape is creating tremendous impact over the use of traditional media – a fact that further reinforces that digital marketing is no longer considered as new media and should be an essential component of any marketing effort.


Get Hooked 360 lists down trends that will kick start digital marketing in 2013.

digital marketing trends for 2013

Social Media in 2013 will become even more an integral part of our everyday routine as it becomes not only a tool for connecting with friends but also a prime source for news. More people flocking to social media for essential daily updates gives digital marketing experts more compelling reason to choose the right social media platform when creating the components of their digital marketing campaign. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other niche social networks, there’s an appropriate platform for a well-defined target market.

Facebook Marketing will remain to be a potent platform for marketing as more people from different backgrounds and socio-economic class go online and make their own Facebook profiles. The challenge will now lie in getting the attention of the market as more and more brands compete for a bigger share of voice in the same digital space.

Email Marketing to stay relevant must be optimized for mobile gadgets. The use of tablets and smartphones proliferate enabling more people to access their email accounts “on the go.” Email communication must be “mobile ready” in order to maximize this marketing effort.     

Content Marketing has become an essential component of SEO with the panda and penguin update from Google in 2012. The fact remains that people search what is relevant to them. However, in 2013, context marketing will take a bigger piece of the cake as it provides a more targeted and relevant marketing communication and makes a smarter use of a campaign’s database information. The key is to be relevant and hit at the most appropriate time.  

Digital Marketing paves way for location-based marketing enabling a more targeted and a “right now” marketing campaign type of execution. Advancement in technology and people’s willingness to provide information on their whereabouts are two key factors that make location-based marketing possible. Digital marketing experts can take advantage of this by providing better and more exciting brand experience by providing key marketing communication when and where user is most susceptible to it.

Digital marketing metrics will go beyond measuring visits, views, shares and likes. Metrics will now move to defining a clearer level of engagement with the users, depth of interaction and tying digital marketing results with business goals such as sales, loyalty retention and contact requests.

There’s no question about it – almost every type of customer is online. More affordable devices available in the market today put even more people online everyday.  Even the elderly are fast catching up on the digital way of life.

Digital Marketing in 2013 is a great time to expose your brand to your customers and connect with them. Finding relevant means to communicate with your target market will only be more precise as technology progress. Digital Marketing makes the connection possible.

Be where your customers are.  

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