Customer Loyalty through Digital Marketing

Whether it’s  using Facebook, Twitter or a customized app to engage customers, experts know that having the right Digital Marketing strategy can help boost customer loyalty.

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Today, more and more people are becoming accustomed to using the Internet to find information about products and services, as such, brand managers know that creating their products or brands online presence is becoming vitally important as well.

For this reason, the practice of Digital Marketing sets the bar high for having an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) in place. The openness of the digital space, social media to be more specific, creates the demand for responsive and competent brand representatives to engage with the public. But while this fact puts pressure on investing in a good customer relationship system for brand managers, the same fact allows for the brand to create and nurture relationships with customers that if managed well leads to the most coveted customer loyalty.

Here are the best tips on how to create customer loyalty with digital marketing:

Build a community around your brand.

When people of the same interest come together a community is born. Likewise, when people come to a brand’s Facebook page there is a high possibility that they have something in common with the brand and what it stands for or they see something potentially interesting with it. Finding that specific quality that connects the brand with its market is key in community building. Nurturing the communitiy by offering information that strengthens their affiliaton with the brand is essentially good for customer loyalty building.

Keep them engaged – Provide exclusivity to your community.

How well do you know your customers? Targeted actionable messages are great to keep your customers engaged with your brand online. By offering exclusive tokens (can come with little cost or free if you are creative) not only entice customers to stay active in a community online but also makes them feel the value of being part of a brands customer base. Exclusive information or exclusive promotion are just some examples of tokens that can be shared with them. The idea is to keep them active by providing them real reasons to be active.

Integrate other channels to communicate.

Digital Marketing is not just about having a Facebook page or a branded website. A website, Facebook, Twitter or Social Media in a broader perspective are just components of Digital Marketing. There are other channels to consider such as e-mail and SMS to include in your marketing mix. These are very relevant points of contact today. The idea is to identify all relevant forms of communication that will push the brands’ message to the target market. In the same way, the same communication channels should allow the customers to easily get in touch with the brand.

Offer something relevant.

Whether it’s through a loyalty program that offer rewards or with exclusive content, an essential element to building customer loyalty is by offering the customers something that is relevant to them. If your brand is a baby product, it would make sense to offer rewards that are related to babies or mommies. But it’s also not just about giving them something they like, it’s also making the system convenient to interact with and coursed through an appropriate medium that the consumer uses.


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