Instagram Launches Web Profiles

Instagram (a mobile-only social platform) recently launched their web profiles. Now, Instagram users are able to customize their profile look, comment on photos, and follow other Instagram users using computers, laptops or tablets.

Using Instagram for Digital Marketing

What is Instagram Web Profile?

The new Instagram web profile showcases the most recently-uploaded and shared photos. It can be seen just above your profile picture with a brief bio arranged in a collage, pretty much like the timeline cover photos of Facebook. This will give web profile viewers a glimpse of the photos you share on Instagram.

Aside from being able to edit profiles, comment on photos, and follow Instagram users over web profiles, you can also edit the photos you uploaded in Instagram. However, since Instagram is currently focused on producing photos from mobile devices, uploading photos for now still remains a mobile feature.

How can Instagram Web Profile Affect Your Brand’s Online Presence?

With over 100 Million users of Instagram, the launch of the new web profiles have very high probabilities to increase interest and engagement among online companies, their followers, and the interested market across the globe. Internet marketing experts realize the very strong potentials of using Instagram as another social media platform for digital campaigns.

Having such a huge online influence, Instagram can now be considered another avenue to maximize your brand’s exposure, by conveniently managing your web profiles to showcase your brand through great and interesting photos. You will now be able to customize your business profile online than over a mobile device. So much easier right?

With Instagram’s new web profile, you as an online business marketer can now further widen your brand’s exposure by being visible to new users online. The increased accessibility no longer limits your brands’s visibility on instagram only to mobile use.

As an applied digital marketing component, your new web profile can become a great avenue for e-commerce by displaying interesting photos of your brand, products, services, or even images of your happy customers.

Other Things You Need to Know about Instagram Web Profiles

For one, all photos you uploaded in Instagram will be visible on your new web profile page.

You can still manage your privacy setting. If you prefer to provide exclusive access to your followers, you can set your uploaded photos to private, so only your followers can view your uploaded photos. Otherwise, your uploaded images are visible among the rest on online viewers.

You can see your Instagram profile in the following weeks or so by typing in<YourUserName> in their browser’s address bar.

Being capable of accessing your brand’s interesting photos via Instagram on larger screens of desktop PCs and laptops is going to be an exciting experience for your customers, both existing and potentials alike. This will give your online company an opportunity to better highlight your brand by providing your customers and potential customers with interesting and engage photo content. 

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