Developing and Building Your Brand Online

You have your brand objectives. You want an online campaign. You obviously have no time to do it yourself. How do you do it?

There’s definitely more to just having a website and a Facebook page when you’re trying to build a successful brand online. Developing an effective digital marketing campaign involves more than just ironing out the technical requirements or randomly posting messages on popular social networking sites.

Experienced digital marketing professionals would tell you that more than just having an IT team to build your website or getting an ad agency to come up with your brand identity online, a successful digital marketing campaign involves having the right mix of technology and effective marketing and sales principles in it.

Of all the metrics that can be set for an online campaign, the most basic yet the most important measure of a successful one is an engaged target market. An engaged target market can only happen when you have two fundamental points in your campaign: you reach them with the right tools and you send out the correct messaging. Getting the two points together is the tricky part.

So how do you build your online presence and reach your target market?

Typical Option: You can always talk to an IT company directly or have your agency do it.

Advantage: An IT firm will do what you tell them to do.

Disadvantage: That’s just about it. They will do what you tell them to do.

While IT firms speak the technical language, they just translate your ideas into codes and programs and bring them online. Creativity, branding consistency and integrating other digital marketing strategies to beef up your campaign is still all up to you. Not much help right there right?

Coordinating with an advertising agency for your digital needs might sound like a good option. This should be okay if both you and your agency are up to date with the latest tools, content and online trends. However, this set up will only work if you have extra time to go through and be hands on with the campaign.

Engaging with the consumers might not be a competency that both the IT firm and ad agency offers. A competency that is very important in any digital marketing campaign.

A Better Option: Work with a Digital Marketing Agency. This type of agency focuses solely on running successful digital campaigns. Naturally, you can expect that all the components that render a campaign successful will be taken cared of.

What should you look for in a Digital Marketing Agency?

  • Find a digital marketing agency that speaks your language. The agency should have a full and working knowledge of your brand concern, goals and objectives.
  • Your digital marketing agency should be able to smartly use new technology and trends to your brand’s advantage. An agency that understands your brand and your target market will be able to suggest new solutions and avenues that will help you efficiently and effectively reach your objectives.
  • A good digital marketing agency should be able to make goals specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. You will be fully equipped to defend your online initiatives to upper management and get more support when you have the right metrics to back you up. Internet campaigns done by a brilliant digital marketing agency can give you quality hits with high user engagement.
  • Look for a digital marketing agency that can provide seamless integration of online initiatives with on-ground/offline activities into one cohesive campaign. This will rid you of the extra work to find and coordinate with a separate supplier.
  • Finally, find a digital marketing agency that will make life easier for you and your advertising agency (if you use one). One less thing to worry about will help you focus on the other needs of your brand. Find the right experts you can trust to take care of your brand online.

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