Understanding Content Marketing

Because content is the “heart and soul of each website,” content marketing is a crucial part of every online business. Great content is the one which people look for, read, watch, comment on, and share to their family and friends. In fact, content marketing has already been making its own trend these past few months, most specifically in the world of social media, where customer engagement is more realistic and measurable.

Why Content is King in Digital Marketing

Yes, content marketing is important because it adds to the credibility and relevance of a particular business page. Good content will be useful for target customers because of the information it contains. Consumers who enjoy the article they read, share it to their online network. Shared content organically exposes the brand to more and more consumers. Imagine a content from your website reaching Millions of users worldwide. Online business is no longer just about links and keywords. It’s about the substance and relevance of your site.

Excellent content marketing starts with a good content.

How do you make great content, and how do you effectively market it?

For further understanding of content marketing, here are the main elements of a great content, capable of marketing itself in the Internet, even in social media:

Content Responsiveness

For an article to be able to automatically market itself, it needs to be timely and responsive to current trends. Whenever something big happens, most people will search for more information about it. In fact, Internet is deemed more reliable in terms of new information as compared to the traditional form of media. It takes just seconds to minutes to make a short write-up about big news, upload, and share it in popular social media like Facebook or Twitter. Timeliness is the key here.

Content Engagement

Internet does not just have to rely on one-sided, spoon-fed information. A good article needs to be engaging. Encourage readers to leave comments (and respond as well), and the next thing you know, your site is already being talked about not just online, but offline as well.

Content Reachability

Aside from being timely and engaging, good content needs to be reachable. In order to be reachable, your content has to be very interesting, something that speaks the readers’ language. It should be so appealing and useful that sharing it on social media comes as the natural next step after reading it. Examples of reachable content are useful how to tips, tutorial videos, and relevant infographics.

Content Reliability

The last basic element of excellent content is its reliability. This by far is the most important factor which contributes to the credibility of a particular article, then ultimately your website. Once people recognize the reliability of your contents, they will check back on your website whenever they want more information about your niche or your products and services. In order to have reliable content, it is important to research carefully. Citations of primary sources specially government or educational sites will further show how factual and reliable your content is.

Great content marketing will ultimately be the reason your customers will keep come back to your website. Content paves the way for your site to be a source of information. It is also a practical marketing strategy because of the likelihood of consumers sharing your content (with your branding) to their network. Not only will shared content expose your brand to more people for FREE, shared content is also a form of virtual recommendation in social media. Truly, the benefits of content marketing as part of a viable and strategic digital marketing campaign is exponential.

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