Has Your Company Gone Digital Already?

Running a company today has never been more exciting. The amount of technological advancement  in the last 10 years has become a very real disruptive force in how companies operate. The way businesses are run today is very different even from 10 years ago.

Concepts like telecommuting, mobile workforce, social media, and outsourcing were unheard of, if not totally foreign ideas. Today it is completely acceptable and is even considered unremarkable to be able to run or operate a business with only a laptop and a smartphone in a coffee shop.

Current technology has collectively been the true equalizer. Small, nimble, and technology savvy companies can now compete and even win over bigger and older companies in the fight for their customers’ businesses. Gone are the days where you needed a huge sales force to sell your products.

How do they do it? They use technology. They sell their products online. They find and talk to their customers online. They engage with and build rapport with their customers online. They don’t worry about inventory or shipping because they are able to outsource this to other companies.

So this leads us to a little known fact to people and companies outside of the digital marketing industry— that Digital Media or as some are still prone to call it – New Media, is no longer new anymore! Digital is the name of the game now. If you still run across people still singing the praises of traditional media then I suggest run in the other direction quick!

The days of traditional media as the dominant marketing channel has passed. If you are still skeptical about this – I give you a one word rebuttal or proof. And that word is – Facebook. 🙂

Now if you still need convincing, let me refer you to the recent article published by Inc.Com (yes its an online publication – notice the trend here?)  – Top Media Companies on the 2012 Inc. 5000  – number 12 on the list is Livestream with $12.3M in revenues and number 294 is Facebook with $3.7B in revenues. Livestream was founded in 2007 while everyone knows Facebook was founded in 2004.

Two companies that now are part of the top media companies that did not exist before 2004. Companies that are less than 10 years old but are now considered very strategic and influential. Many successful marketing campaigns were run through these two companies’ products. And to be precise about it – many Successful DIGITAL marketing campaigns.

Now where does this lead to? Basically it all boils down to this – those companies that understand Digital right now are the companies that succeed and thrive and win the customers’ loyalty and business now and in the future. Massive marketing budgets no longer guarantee success – companies need to evolve and Get Digital.

Because Technology Savvy Marketing WINS OVER Big Marketing Budgets in the digital age of the iPhone 5, the New iPad, the Android phones and tablets, Twitter, Facebok, and Instagram.

So I’ll ask again, has your company gone digital already?

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One thought on “Has Your Company Gone Digital Already?

  1. Oh yeah. We’ve gone digital. What would small businesses do without Facebook? Also, business owners should also know basic html if they want success in their digital campaign.

    There’s still much to learn and business owners should also take advantage of these kinds of resources (e.g. blogs, free e-books, etc)

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