Facebook Reaches 30 Million Users in the Philippines

The Philippines definitely continues to be a Facebook country as the popular social network site reached 30 Million users earlier this month.

Facebook Marketing in the Philippines

Here’s the latest breakdown of Philippine Facebook users by age:

  • 40% are young adults aged 18 – 24
  • 26% are
  • 15% are teenagers aged 13 -17
  • 11% are more mature adults aged 35 – 44
A smaller percent of Filipino Facebook users belong to the older market:
  • 5% are aged 45 – 54
  • 2% are aged 55 – 64
  • 1% are those aged 65 and above

Profiling the country’s Facebook users by gender gives us the following data:

  • 46% are female
  • 43% are male
2013 is seen to be an exciting time for Digital Marketing in the Philippines as more intelligent and sophisticated means of reaching the online market roll out everyday. Facebook is definitely one strong social media platform that should be part of every Digital Marketing Campaign.

There’s more to Facebook Marketing than just posting statuses and increasing likes. Talk to us!


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